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24 august 1958) este un actor, autor, businessman, producător și regizor american.Este binecunoscut datorită rolului său din seria de filme din anii 1980 Academia de Poliție.By the end of Evil Dead II, he has an impressive arsenal of weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun and a chainsaw (which has replaced the hand he hacks off partway through the movie).Campbell's performance shifts to match the needs of the script.

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Director: Sam Raimi Cast: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Kassie Wesley, Denise Bixler, Richard Domeie Screenplay: Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegel Cinematography: Peter Deming Music: Joseph Lo Duca U.

In the first film, he could almost be described as low-key.

In the second, he's all swagger, spitting out one-liners and taking on the forces of darkness.

The two discover the Necronomicon, and, in no time, Linda is a zombie and Ash is forced to chop her up to save himself.

Before long, Ash is possessed, but he manages to fight off the demonic influence.

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