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I was walking through the parking lot of her high school, and she and Lo were screaming because they had set off the car alarm.It’s rare for a high school student to be that expressive with their emotions. Adam Di Vello: After two seasons of Laguna Beach, Lauren told me she was going to fashion school in Los Angeles.But being a young and attractive girl about town also meant ample drama, mainly involving a very public falling out with her best friend, Heidi Montag, and now-husband Spencer Pratt, aka Speidi, the resident villains.Then there was the cast of supporting players, handpicked by the show’s visionary creator, Adam Di Vello.It seemed like the perfect opportunity to follow her on the next stage of her journey.

Out of sheer awkwardness, I apologized for fighting with her.In honor of the show’s 10th anniversary, we reached out to the entire Hills cast, as well as some of the crew, for a nostalgic look back.While some of the cast members previously starred on Laguna Beach, it was up to Di Vello to find other native Angelenos to join Conrad’s inner circle.I was going to college, my parents weren’t financially supporting me anymore, and I had used up all my Laguna money. Then she told me she was going to do a spin-off and asked if I wanted to be on it. ” It was hard to conceptualize how big it really was.So when Adam came to me and said, “Do you want to do this show? ”Heidi Montag: Laguna Beach hadn’t even aired when I met Lauren at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The following summer, I stayed with her family for a few weeks before we moved to L. Whitney Port: I was about to start school at USC when I heard that Teen Vogue was looking for interns.

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