Nelly dating ashanti still Balck young sex chart

Here are some more reasons black women are single,and ghetto is a big part of it the sad truth. Black women are single because black men do not talk too them,and more black men date outside there race.

The men do not want women who are fat or obese and alot of black women are true. love the educated response on "single" - you can date someone all you want, but guess what?

But of course, instead of asking her much about said album, the questions from Ebro Darden and Laura Styles were mostly about Nelly.

Well, at least for the first seven minutes of the interview anyway.

The singer gave a “final” answer on if she and Nelly will ever get back together, talked about how that relationship impacted her music (including the song “Never Should Have,” which she confirmed was about him), and how they had an amazing sex life.

No, seriously, she touches on that with only the nervous Long Island-based laughter that Ashanti can (she’s so charming). Okay, so we were in a space where we were getting back cool.

At least then you have over 10 yrs to be a "ADULT" and out of your parents house. MARRIAGE is a gift and option its not something we have to do. Sometimes its best to keep things quiet especially in their lifestyles. Lv, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Chanel Women sandal is DG, JUICY, Lv, Gucci, Coach Hand-bag price is Polo, Locaste, Levis, Ed Hardy, Bape, Christan Audigier AF, COOGI Tshirt price is Jeans price is Paypal accept, Door to Door services! Now yes, there are a lot of woman single of all colors, but black woman have the highest percentage of single women.

5 days arrive your home or you ur friends’ adress by EMS, DHL, UPs click my link under here! So maybe that's why Nelly addressed black women, not to mention he may prefer black women over any other race.

Women don't give a EFF about height & looks & money.. I'm the big bread winner in our family BUT he's the man through and through and he takes good damn care of me and our daughter... i've noticed how hard it has been for me to adjust to letting him do things for me or give me advice. its just that ive been on my own for awhile and now, i keep thinking of how my very own father told me "let him be a man". And some people can, if not really thinkiing about it carefully can think this means being subservient and its not! Thats the problem with a majority of females out here now, they seek validation for external sources. Nobody is holding a gun to her head, she can be with another guy that will love her today if she chooses. Stay out of others' business and get in the gym and REALLY workout and lose some weight, stop having out of wedlock kids, stop thinking everything revolves around you, stop telling all of your business in the street, stop getting tatted up like sailors and wanting a corporate man to take you places with him where his coworkers will see he is dating a walking graffiti, and take care of your REAL hair. Let's face it the majority of black women are overweight.

We’ve definitely scarred each other in a sense to say. It’s something that, I feel like I’m revealing very much, more than I have on previous records. I always get inspiration from real experiences whether I’m going through it or someone close to me is going through it. Anybody with any sense of logic could see that I rode out. I came to the court, to the trial, three or four times when I was not supposed to. But I’m not going to sit here and let the picture be painted one side anymore.

But that particular song, it was just weird because I was just writing about it because I was mad. I was contractually doing what I was supposed to not be doing, paying those round trip tickets to come and support and it’s crazy because at that time me and Irv weren’t even speaking. This is the most open and honest Ashanti has ever been, which is good, because all that “Who said we were in a relationship!?

I actually challenged myself to do that..since I thought that was something I could improve on. I am winding things down with the career and getting ready to jump that broom. I've always been focused on accomplishing my goals while most of my friends were busy having babies, getting married or caught up in drama that I never had time for.

When I was in an unfurnished apt when we were in school. We just need to learn to be women............real..... I'd agree with you two years ago.after being in a situation where I did that.. I dated this guy for 3 yrs and encouraged him - was the PERFECT person to this guy. Now most of them 90% are divorced, broke and very bitter. I have many associates who use to hate because I did go for mine so young. I think we need to encourage our youngins not to do the same. Sometimes I feel sentiments of "hate" or bitterness from friends too.

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