Updating nintendo gameboy

Synchronization It is possible to use a link cable to sync two Game Boys; great for party fun or for added polyphony!

LSDJ can also be synced with Nanoloop or Korg Volca/Monotribe.

The software costs 0.01 USD a voluntary (really appreciated) donation.

It can then be used either with a Gameboy emulator (on PC, Mac or PSP) or a Game Boy backup device (e.g. Backup devices can be bought for example at HK EMS (on request), Console Goods, Kitsch-Bent, noiseandroid, DMGS-R-US, Retro Towers or Nonfinite.

If you wish to receive the latest news about the project, please follow it on Facebook.The only thing needed of course are two controllers.Two synced game screens will be displayed side-by-side by default.The recommendation should be to try out the demo version with some different emulators until you find one you like.For more information, check out the Little Sound Dj Wiki.

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