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So what are some of the input forms that you're enabling for domain experts that are working?

This is quite interesting and it was part of the presentation by Henk Kolk from Cap Gemini, who's describing his experience in creating a pension system which are very complicated systems that are written under the tutelage and direction of pension experts.

The yacht features original artworks by Lichtenstein and Vasarely.

The yacht is military styled and even has a military like number on the hull: 9906.

How do you take this domain code, these tables, these bubbles and circles and integrate them into a software development environment?

The circles and the bubbles are not in the domain code, they are a projection of the domain code and that's a very important piece of technology that the domain workbench provides: the projection editor, and in a projection editor the domain can be expressed in a way that is convenient for the computer to process, so it will be an easy input for the generator.

The most important thing for us is to separate the problem from the program, the description of the problem that is contributed by domain experts in form of domain code, using the domain workbench and then to use generative techniques to create the program that will run on that computer.

What is your implementations vision, what does it look like?

Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google.The generative techniques are widely used today and it's really the trend if you look at both domain specific languages and how domain specific languages are turned into running code using generators, there are many such languages and they are very effective in many areas, for example small languages to create a blog or a website are examples of domain specific languages that for example the output is HTML, the website itself.We are bringing domain specificity to a new level and involving domain experts integrate fully into the process so that they can contribute their knowledge in their own nomenclature using their own notations.That really changed the picture and they become very enthusiastic and created pension plans in a fraction of the time that was necessary in the past.The system is capable of handling practically any notation that are in general use, be it tables, specific nomenclature in several languages in a localized fashion, formulas, boxes connected by lines and so connections can be expressed in any number of ways, so it wasn't a very difficult process for us to accommodate the request from them both in what they liked to say and how they would say it and that made them very happy participants in the software creation process.

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