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Don was well known in the motorcycle community dating back to when he first moved to Daytona Beach from his home in Missouri in 1973.

Donnie Raye Parker, 57, New Smyrna Beach, passed away quietly at home February 16, 2011. Donnie Orrie Milam Parker, 91, wife of the late James Leigh Parker of White Rock, South Carolina, died Wednesday, December 26, 2012. Donnie is survived by his wife, Sue Parker, son, Marcus (Allison) Parker, daughter, Kim Parker, grandchildren, Logan Stokes, Peyton Parker, and Madelynn... Donnie Parker age 62, of Murray, Kentucky, died Sunday, September 15, 2013 at his home. Parker was born in Murray, Kentucky on August 3, 1951 to the late Willie D. They have floated the possibility of the Supreme Court gradually curbing ’s scope while leaving the decision strictly intact.To put this into context, a strongly conservative court could make procedures essentially illegal in practice by authorising restrictive abortion laws over time.Some expect his highly conservative Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to now attempt to put this into action.Dr Parker, who has been an obstetrician-gynecologist for more than 23 years and has carried out abortions full-time for almost a decade, said he thought the criminalisation of abortion was a concrete possibility with Mr Trump in the White House and he expected it would be much harder to do his job in the future.

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